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Vaulting Lessons

VaultingRiders of the Storm Equestrian Academy offers vaulting lessons for individuals of all skill levels, ranging from complete beginners to international athletes. They are known for having some of the best vaulting horses in Britain, ensuring that you are in safe hands with expertly trained horses.

A typical session at Riders of the Storm begins with practice on barrels to perfect your vaulting movements. This is followed by transitioning to the horses, where you can try various moves such as lying, kneeling, standing, and other dynamic movements around the horse. In an hour-long session, you would typically work through approximately 15 different moves​


Vaulting Experience

Riders of the Storm Equestrian Academy’s Vaulting Experience provides an extended and immersive session that builds upon their standard vaulting lessons. This experience spans two full hours, allowing participants to develop their skills further. During this time, you can expect to work through approximately 25-30 movements, significantly more than in a standard hour-long session.

The experience begins with practice on vaulting barrels to master movements before transitioning to the horses. Participants will practice various positions such as lying, kneeling, standing, and more advanced movements around the horse. The session culminates in linking these movements to create routines performed to music, providing a memorable and artistic aspect to the experience. These routines can be filmed, giving you a lasting memory of your time at the academy.

Vaulting Simulator

Riders of the Storm Equestrian Academy also offers specialized vaulting simulator sessions, catering to competition athletes looking to enhance specific skills, compulsory movements, or technical precision. These sessions utilize the advanced Racewood simulator, which provides the most realistic simulation experience on the market. The simulator allows for a full hour of canter training with a random setting for a changeable canter, creating a highly realistic training environment.

This facility is unique in Scotland, being the only place offering vaulting simulator lessons to the general public. These sessions are also excellent for building confidence in young vaulters aspiring to progress to canter. The realistic simulation helps athletes improve their techniques in a controlled and safe environment before applying them on a live horse.

Vaulting simulator

Vaulting Fitness Plan

Riders of the Storm Equestrian Academy offers a comprehensive Vaulting Fitness Plan designed to help you achieve your specific vaulting goals, whether they are big or small. The academy’s experts will create a customized fitness and training program tailored to your needs, ensuring that you develop the necessary strength, flexibility, and technical skills required for vaulting.

The fitness plan will likely include:

  • Strength Training: Exercises to build core strength, essential for maintaining stability and control during vaulting movements.
  • Flexibility Work: Stretching routines to enhance flexibility, enabling you to perform a wider range of movements with ease.
  • Cardio Training: Cardiovascular exercises to improve stamina and overall fitness, ensuring you can sustain high energy levels during vaulting routines.
  • Technical Drills: Specific drills to refine your compulsory movements and technical skills, tailored to your current level and goals.

This personalized fitness plan ensures that you are training effectively and efficiently towards your vaulting aspirations.

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