Upcoming Events

Training, Clinics, Camps and Experiences

Every week

Monday Rider Fitness 6.30-7.30pm
Tuesday Pegasus Vaulting Club training 4-8pm
Wednesday Rider Fitness 10-11am
Friday Riders of the Storm Team Training 4. 30-7pm

2019 DATES

2nd and 3rd February Confidence Weekend 
9th and 10th February Confidence Weekend
3rd March Ultimate Stunt Day 

8th April Vaulting Camp
9th April Trick Riding Camp
12th April Ultimate Stunt Day 

8th till the 12th July 5 day Stunt Holiday
8th July Vaulting Camp
9th July Trick Riding Camp
11th July Horse Boarding Clinic
12th July Ultimate Stunt Day

6th till the 9th September Confidence Riding Holiday

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Show Map 2019


19th May - Gordon Castle Highland Games
1st June - Bathgate Procession
14th July - Heavy Horse Show
10th August - Orkney Show

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