Confidence Courses

Have you ever had a fall and to scared to get back on??
Or just nervous around horses?

This is the course for you, to help you get back on that horse and become a safe and happy rider.

We provide group courses or private lessons on our specially trained horses. Everyone has individual fears and phobias, so our sessions are tailored to suit your needs. Whatever the confidence issue we can help, on the ground, getting on, hacking, jumping or just need a bit more experience? We can help.

We look to improve-

  • Your attitude, to become more positive,
  • Handling issues with correct groundwork,
  • Improving position and balance of your riding seat,
  • Your knowledge of correct training and feeding of your horse,
  • What to do with behavior issues on and off the horse,
  • We can also teach you how to fall off (properly and as safely as possible,)
  • You skill set, giving you lots of work to go home with to let your confidence grow.

Course we offer are-

  • Confidence Course is a small group course lasting two hours.
  • Confidence weekend is a small group course running over two days.
  • Confidence Holiday is a small group four day course including accommodation and all meals. You also have the option of bringing your own horse along with you.
  • Confidence session is a private two hour session to help you work one to one with Kirsty on your confidence needs.

We are also available to come to you, to work with both you and your horse.

Confidence Riding Holiday

Our confidence holiday is for all different types of people, those who are new to horses and those who have had nasty falls and everything in between.

On the confidence holiday we look at behavioural issues on the ground and the saddle, we look at what you could do to prevent them and also why they happen. We look to improving your balance and posture, we give you training and schooling exercises to help improve and to work on at home.

We will have lectures and practical sessions on:
Groundwork confidence
Riding/schooling confidence
Hacking confidence
Jumping confidence
Rider fitness
Falling off safely
Skills at arms (for a bit of fun! Riding with flags and lances knocking targets.)
Basic vaulting skills
Lectures watching Kirsty work young and inexperienced horses.

This is all done in a safe environment in a small group maximum of six people with two places for bring your own horse with you.
On this course you are never made to do anything you don't want to do. You with also have to peace of mind that you will be riding/working with our specially trained stunt horses.

Our holiday is inclusive of accommodation and all meals.
Accommodation is provided at Faskally caravan park and shared twin rooms. There will be an extra charge if you wish to have your own room.
Price £475 and £575 if you wish to bring your horse. Payment packages available.

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